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Savage Four Ride Company

"Memento Mori" SavageFourRideCo Tee

"Memento Mori" SavageFourRideCo Tee

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"Memento Mori" in Latin means, "to reflect on ones morality"! We're all going to die some day, so do you have anything to lose?

Go to the motocross track, hit up the skatepark, head down to your local break, or stomp some shit at your local hill! You only get one life!!

Also, all designs come with a Embroidered Satin Hem Label with our logo mark, at the bottom of the garment. Giving our Apparel a little extra "something"! 

The Tees we use are 10 oz, and 100% pre shrunk cotton, making them super durable! In addition the retain their shape after washing, no deformed images or funny fitting T-Shirts here!!

Keep Shredding Homies #savagef

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